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Clubs, Charities, Schools and Colleges.


Here at Quad World we get a large number of visits from various clubs, charities, schools and colleges from across the UK who bring riders down to ride our quad's.


We cater for riders that have various abilities and conditions.


We will allow anyone to ride the Quads as we feel it is a sport anyone can partake in.


Quad World can provide instructors that cope with a wide range of phsical or mental disabilities.


All riders receive a safety demonstration on the operation of the Quad and the rules of the track.

All riders are then kitted out in full face helmets and half body armour, gloves and then will (if under 18) have an instructor teach them how to ride.


We can tailor you visit to include educational purposes as well - For Example Business Studies, Retail or Leisure Courses.


Please call for further information.




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Don't forget we are fully insured and a risk assessment form is available-
Please email us for further details.

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We have been established for over 20 years, so know just a little about having fun on Quads!


Quad World is a member of the South West Tourism