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The Quads that we use here are all fully maintained to manufacturer's guidelines and above to a high standard. Each rider will only ride a quad that is suitable to their age and ability.


We are Health & Safety inspected every year.

YAMAHA 50cc Raptor & Suzuki LTZ 50cc

Suitable for children from 6 years upwards.

These excellent Quads run on the main circuit.

Shaft drive automatic gearbox.

Yamaha 50cc Raptor

Suzuki LTZ90cc



For older children and youths.

These machines are easy for beginners and yet have enough power for some serious fun!

Automatic gearbox.

YAMAHA 125cc Quad

For youths and adults.

These machines are slightly more powerful but still fine for novices!

Chain Driven Automatic Gearbox.

Yamaha 125cc Quad





For adults.

These machines are perfect for beginners and have plenty of power for budding champions!

Automatic gearbox.

Suzuki LTZ 250cc

For adults.

These machines are on the Pro Circuit and will bite back if you don't handle with care!

Please Note Pro Circuit by Appointment Only

Automatic gearbox.

CAN-AM DS 250cc


We have been established for over 20 years, so know just a little about having fun on Quads!

Quad World is a member of the South West Tourism